I am 77 years old. With all the meds I am on my O2 still drops to 85 when I get up and move. I recently threw out ADVAIR 100/50 having been on it for 20 years and developed an allergic reaction to it with paradoxical bronchospasms and painful digestive motility disorders. Can anyone advise me of their experience with a combination of these med's and adding Breo ? I also have severe, painful leg cramping from these medications. Does anyone else have leg pain from their
COPD med's and can you please talk to me about that. I am
in tears daily with the pain and the fear created from it. I read one member took 595 mgs daily of Potassium to help with the leg pain, but isn't the daily dose for potassium regulated to be for no more than 95 mg/s daily. Is 595 an overdose ? I will welcome any answers relatable to what I've expressed.
Thank you for your support.