I am lucky, I guess, as the burning comes and goes, with no rhyme or season at all, and at random times. When the pain is at its peak , it seems to me that the pain feels a little less then that of childbirth, but, in my world , not much less!
I have also, severe dry mouth, mainly due to meds. that I must take. I have tried creams, mouth rinses, gels,pills, and 3 dentists and 2 doctors. Nothing and no one has provided much help, so far. I read in a few posts within this group, that taking folic acid has helped some people with that wretched BMS condition, which few understand, and even less want to understand how painful this BMS can be. I recently bought a 90-pill bottle of Folic Acid - 1000 mcg. This is one of the few meds. or treatments which I haven't yet tried, but which I decided to try, taking - 1 tab. per day, starting tomorrow, and see how it goes. It this point, I am ready to try anything which could possibly ease the pain of this insidious, puzzling condition.,Has anyone out there tried using folic acid as a possible remedy for BMS? Has it worked at all for you? Also, if anyone has found any drug, gel, lozenge,cream, which worked at all for you as a remedy for this horrible, little-understood condition, I would very much appreciate it very much if you could tell me what it is. At this point, I am desperate.