... years then for about a year I kept finding out bad news about my health, I was holding up until they switched me from paxil to cymbalta then I started to fall apart, along with the bad news about my back needing a very aggressive surgery, now I'm a complete mess, I cry I shake, I vomit, I'm scared to be alone, scared to go any where ,scared to drive, I'm not seeing any hope . I have 2 children that needs took care of and I'm in this mess that I can't seem to get out of , the doctor then put me on fetzima er and now wanting me to start nudexta with it , which I have read there is a very high risk mixing these two Meds, Im also on clonapin, nothing is helping , Im constantly feeling shaky, puking, panicking ,you name it I'm a wreck. I need something , can anyone offer any information on what medicine would help me . Please help thank you