I take 8mg xanax per day (4 2mg pills) as perscribed and have been on xanax for almost 17 years, but 8mg/day for last 6 years, and they have very little effect if any after all this time, also its half life is very short... SSRI are out of question and would consider switching back to klonopin due to its longer action but even at high doeses all benzos seem inneffective. I have paranoid personality disorder and every dr. ive come in contact with agrees that they have never seen anyone with worse anxiety. Im 34 and was on ativan (as needed) at 8 yrs old! I had a surgical procedure in which i was administered i/v diazapem (valium) i believe only 10mg, but was the best anxiety relief ive ever felt in my life... I wouldnt want to take it often, but for severe attacks would it be possible for me to get a perscription for diazapem or similar for intramuscular injection (im imagining this would work quicker and more effecient than oral as valium in any amount orally does not touch me)! my life is overly run by my anxiety and tried over 20 differnt medications and some have made permanently worse (viibryd) im at a point where quality of life is a significant factor and although extreme, is this possible to get perscribed?