My mother is a 60 year old female who has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma since January, 2012.

Up until two weeks ago, she has been able to 'roll with the punches', so to speak, until she began showing signs of extreme loss of strength in her lower legs. Two weeks ago, she could walk with the assistance of a walker or someone helping her; she could carry on a conversation with no problems; she was even working on keeping her insurance and medical bills organized.

Right now, we've turned our living room into a giant master suite to accommodate a hospital bed from which she cannot get out of. She can no longer use the restroom and must use 'depends/diapers'. She can barely express that she's hungry, it's virtually impossible to get her to swallow her medications. I've actually had to start crushing her 'regular' tablets and opening her capsules and mix them in with baby food in order to get her to be able to swallow them.

What has caught us all by surprise more than anything is the change in her level of combative actions. Now, I completely understand her experiencing anxiety, a feeling of hopelessness and the amazing amount of frustration she must be going through just having to be stuck in that bed and using a diaper.

However, to listen to her threaten my daughters, her grandchildren (ages 11 & 14); to hear her become threatening towards my father and to literally start swinging and swatting, digging her fingernails into me and attempting to bite me several times, so far, has been the biggest surprise!

What specifically causes the aggression and levels of combativeness to spike so quickly and to cause such a drastic turn in her personality?

Her situation differs from the "normal" GBM in that instead of one or two tumors, my mom has 9, all within the right hemisphere, according to her last MRI which was taken less than two weeks ago. So I know that there are going to be dramatic differences from one person to another, especially with such dramatic differences in tumor mass, I just would like to better understand what fuels, and extinguishes, that negative response.

Thanks for any input...

aka StupidityHurts