My tolerance for medication is rising to the extent that I can't sleep for days at a time. The va drew blood for labs, I'm not 100% sure exactly what was tested, but I first requested my thyroid. I'm pretty sure they check all the important stuff they're suppose to. But I can take 800 mg of serequel, 10 mg of ambien 1250 mg of depakote, and 1-2 mg of klonopin for sleep, but it's not a guarantee if I can sleep or not. I will admit I do smoke marijuana to increase sedation, and help handle my ptsd. After a year of smoking, I can not feel the effects of the drug whatsoever. That's not what I'm concerned about, but when other medications are starting to have the same reaction, I don't know where to turn. If my bodily functions aren't the cause of the meds unaffectiveness, could by brain be some how causing them to not work?