I am a 38-year old caucasian male. I have had a small, colourless bump on my arm for more than a year, I never really thought much of it, until a few days ago, when I noticed that I had several colourless or red bumps on both of my arms and hands. So far I have counted six bumps, each of them are approximately 1.5-2mm wide.

These bumps exactly look like the pictures of amelanotic melanomas that I have found online.

There where other cases of cancer in my family (aunts, uncles), including skin cancer. I have been living in a tropical country for the past six years, hence my arms are regularly exposed to the sun.

I have an appointment with a skin specialist this Thursday, but I would like to know how worried I really have to be. Because given the fact that these bumps are spreading, I am panicking right now.

Thank you for your feedback.