I have known 4 people who have overdosed on methadone. The most recent was my best friend who was a drug addict and I was tryinging really hard to get her help. She looked into rehab and discovered that if her insurance didn't cover it, then they could kick her out and I think that was her breaking point. Her Dad, who she was really, really close to die about a year and a half ago and she was bi-polar so I think she just snapped. I found out afterwards that this was not her first attempt. She tried to cut her wrist shortly after her fathers death and she never told me about that. My 19 yr old daughter saw the deep scar the day we helped her move into her dorm and she told her she did it after her Dad died because she missed him so much. She knew this guy who was or is selling prescription drugs at a very high price and I think she got it from. She was about 5'6' and about 170 lbs with a high tolerance for prescription drugs and I am wondering about how much she possibly could have taken of the methadone to kill herself. I think she MAY HAVE taken a combination of a few other things such as klonopin and vicodin and I don't know anything for sure. What ever information you can give me would help. I am just having a hard time excepting this. It has been two months and I still half expect to get a call or text from her. She left a huge void. Thank you