Ok maybe I can add more than 50 words here. I have an "unknown" growth on my spinal corde. Cant get into neurosurgeon for 4 more months. To find out exactly what it is. I did have complete loss of the use
Of my right leg, which has come back Im sure because I started using my treadmill everyday. Still have alot
Of numbness from waste down and tingling all over. BUT im also having sever back pain, and burning in my feet, so bad I want to just cut my feet off. My dr is only prescribing me Gabapentin, 600mg 3 times a day, I am doubling that dose myself now, and still feet are on fire, and it has no effect on my back pain. WHY, wont this jackass prescribe me something like Vicodin? Which I know for a fact, if anything will make
Me not care about this damn pain. Any info or tips? Thank you.