... prescribing me 150 oxycodone 30 mg @ 5 a day and neurontin 800. Well i moved and i am now seeing a pain management doctor and he wants to try sumthing else. My 1st visit with him was last Tues and he is trying oxycodone 10 mg @ 4 times aday and oxycotin 40 mg @ 2 times a day. Been on this regime 8 days now and its not working out. Before i was feeling no pain, living a normal life doing normak activities. But not i still fill pain, and having to give my legs rest (sitting down) often. I see him on Friday, i was going to suggest doing 120 oxycodone 30 mg @ 4 a day and 60 oxycotin 80 mg @ 2 day. Wud this be a good regim (spelled wrong sorry) that maybe to be like it used to?