I am 32 an I twisted the wrong way putting a child in the car about 9 yrs ago. At first it was my lower back that had bad pain but now its gone and im having knee and leg pain real bad! I have been to pt and ortho docs but nothing! They say its neuropathy and fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome! I dont think it is! I can't sleep can't sit or stand or walk for to long! I have burning stabbing and tingling in both legs and feet! My knees and shins feel kike someone is hitting them with a hammer! I cant deal with this anymore! I broke the top of my foot getting up out of bed 1 morning I didn't even know my leg was asleep! I didnt have swelling brusing or pain just a little burning. I went to the er to be safe and sure enough the top of my foot was broke!
Now my pains are worse and I am not experiencing leg cramps along with all the rest of the symptoms! Plzzz some one help! I want to be normal and for once sleep! Plzz