I was a banker for 35 yrs and had to take early retirement and go on disability because of the continuous pain and extreme pain spikes in my feet. During the first 5 yrs I went to Cleveland Clinic who referred me to a surgeon who performed five separate surgeries on my feet with no improvement. I started seeing a pain specialist who implanted a pain pump w/catheter surgically implanted in the fluid around the spinal cord. It has given me some relief with my continual pain but my pain spikes are unbearable, which happen 4-7 times in a 24 hr period. I take oxycodone with Tylenol but helps very little. Do you know of any other type of medicine that may be new that helps with neuropathy? I have tried all of the standard initial try drugs. I did take Nucynta which helped a little bit but was not covered by insurance and cost over$500 per mo. I am fairly well to do but that was just to much. I know this is a difficult area but do you have any thoughts?