I was diagnosed with Sever Autonomic Neuropathy from the mayo clinic as my heart was "bottoming" out in the 20s - 30s causing me to loose consciousness. My diagnosis from the cardiologist was postural orthostatic tachycardia. But even on the meds I've received to help my heart keep running and the meds for the neuropathy I feel as though my body is deteriorating. Recently I have now lost feeling in my hands, my eye sight is getting worse and even with compression stockings my feet are still pooling now, as well as random sharp direct pains that shoot strait into an area the size of a quarter but it's so painful I scream ( that seems to be happening more frequently in my head these shooting pains appear else were but on my head most often wether it's my face or the crown of my head the pain shoots strait in) I feel as though my entire body is falling victim to these attacks. So my question is are there any suggestions from anyone that would help because it's becoming unbearable and no one has any ideas it's been classified as treatable to make it bearable but no cure and even the bearable treatment isn't working as well as I'd like I just want to be able to get up and function somewhat normally so if anyone has any ideas I am more than willing to try them. Thank you so much