Hi all I have had a tough year in 2017 with my mom in hospital for 6 weeks A& E and ICU after she was supposed to visit me for 4 days holidays, then broke up relationship and stress work related. I was crying, not leaving bed, anxiety, upset stomach. The doctor gave me citalopram 20 mg but after 6 days i couldn't cope feeling awful changed to sertraline 50 mg. He suggested me take half pill for a week then a pill on second week. Due to constant insomnia , upset stomach, agitated i couldn't cope in the night when I was taking one pill. So they reduced me the dose to 25 mg. Now i am on my third week on 25 mg. How long it takes until works? I have mom with me at moment was not able to be on my own and i have been signed off work from a month. I want my life back and be able work and do things on my own. Elena