45yr old female with a clinical diognosis of depression, panic attacks, severe right side brain injury. i have also develop in the last couple of years what doctors are calling muscle spasm. i am being treated for severe head aches i refuse to call them migraines i had head aches before my accident these are not head aches and take lorazapam and bupriopion for that. two months ago my i was in so much stress due to my pain, work and so on that my heart rate was on a 0 to 60 speed way. my psych doctor finally gave me zoloft 50mg at night. well it did take tareof my anxeity but what i noticed was that after a time my muscle pain were not as bad even thia awfull electrical pulling sensation was not as bad. somehow last week i lst my zoloft and when with out it for about 6 days in the meanwhile i have noticed that my muscle pain has gradually return and two mornings ago i had another cramping session, this is what doctors have called when my legs contract and my foot and toes curl to the point i have no control of my movements only screaming pain until them i had not realize this had not happen sinze i started taking zoloft