I am on Day 2 of sertraline. It has increased my anxiety to levels that need me to sedate myself to not freak out. Of, course, I have read about the possible increase. But, that still doesn't mean I get worried and scared. I was on citalopram for 6 years then off briefly for 5 months of hell. Back on then switched to Cymbalta. After getting scared off of that one, I weaned off slow. 10 weeks of growing hell later, I went back to a new doc and started sertraline (Zoloft). Day 2 here. I feel weird, too up, and super anxious. I can't even cry. It feels like the antidepressant part is working, but not the anxiolytic part. I am struggling. I just feel wracked with burning anxiety. The lorazepam is working, but I can't keep popping those. I am worried that what I feared could be true, that it will only increase my anxiety and not bring it down after a while. But, I understand, it's only day 2. I just need guidance and support.