I had been on Zoloft before for a few years because I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Because it was so long ago and I was probably only 13-15 at the time, I don't really remember what side effects I had. I am now 18 and I had stopped taking Zoloft about 4 months ago just because I didn't want to be on it anymore. However, my anxiety had gotten progressively worse over the past few weeks or more and a week ago I had terrible anxiety about going on a hike, and it was very difficult for me to be on the hike the entire time. I then decided I needed to start taking Zoloft again, so I took 50mg that day (not a smart move) and 25mg every day after that until today. In total, I have taken it for 8 days. I had to miss practically the whole week of school. It is hard for me to be anywhere other than my house. I tried to go to school one day but I just couldn't. My anxiety is terrible, I feel depersonalized, I don't feel like myself at all, I keep throwing up, I feel depressed, hopeless, my mind is cloudy, I feel like I can't think, my pulse races, I can barely sleep, and I have no appetite. I want to stop taking it, but I don't know what to do. The first time I was on it, I took 25mg at first and then 50mg, and I was on that for a few years. Please help me.