... now I am 25 and have been on 100mg since age 22. Depression and other issues run in my family, however I am not sure medicating someone since childhood is the best way either. I am very thankful though for the stability and control this drug has given me but I also I don't know what NOT being on an anti-depressant feels like. The transition is going to be long and difficult. I want to come off of the medication yet I am not sure how to conquer this safely and effectively. Any lifers on this medication who have come off before? I am hoping a long list of possible side effects goes away when I am completely off the drug too. I have cut back to 50 mg again. Hoping to stay this way for a few months then go down to 25mg for another few months and then every other day for a while since I am so incredibly dependent on it. Any advice out there from people going through the same thing?