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Sertraline - Does zolft help u lose weight?

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chuck1957 15 Jan 2016

Booboo; Zoloft can have a side effect of gaining or losing weight Did you just start this medication or have you been on it a while.One thing for good health even if your not hungry eat anyway it is good for your mental health they can be smaller portions but you must eat something just a snack if you want to take advantage of the weight loss but if you don't need it try not to skip meals. You have to keep you physical health up also. I like you was on Zoloft for years and had to fight with myself to eat so I know this for a fact.But as with any drug it can work differently for all of us. Please keep us posted how you are doing if you are new on Zoloft, Or any other questions feel free we are not doctors we are people like you that want to help others with the questions we have been through already.But if you can't afford to lose weight make sure you snack several times a day.You well find some of the greatest people right here I have been to many sites and our people that stay here because this is one of the best sites I have found and love helping others get through the tough times Hope you HAVE A great weekend.

chuck1957 15 Jan 2016

bOOB IF THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR but you can offset this by small meals even if you do not feel hungry what dose of Zoloft are you on. and how long have you been taking it.

Belle J 9 May 2018

Hello Chuck1957
My name is Georgia, I am soon to be 84 years. You are most helpful. Thank you!
I started taking the generic of Zoloft (insurance!) just this week. It doesn’t specify on my bottle whether to take it am or pm so I started taking it at around 7pm. I also take trazodone so have no problem sleeping. I’m very allergic to most nedications but so far so good with this generic brand (Sertraline 25mg) my doctor told ne that he was starting me out with a ‘baby’ strength :) to ease me into it.
I appreciate your answers, they have helped me.
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