I was on sertraline for over 8 weeks with absolutely no effects whatsoever – neither side effects nor any noticeable improvement in my social anxiety – despite increasing the dose from 50 mg to 100 mg.

Consequently, it was decided that I should try mirtazapine, which is an NaSSA rather than an SSRI, starting off at 15 mg. My doctor seemed convinced that sertraline would work, as apparently it is very rare that people do not respond to sertraline. Does this mean the same is destined to happen with mirtazapine? Maybe if sertraline didn't work, that would mean I'm resistant to all other antidepressants.

My social anxiety isn't as severe as in most people, and I've been diagnosed with mild depression. Could it be that I did in fact experience changes when on the sertraline but I just didn't notice because my symptoms aren't as debilitating as the majority's (I don't tend to avoid fear-inducing situations so much but I will still feel rather intense anxiety during them)? Or are you supposed to really notice the effects when they happen? I was thinking that maybe it's just something that happens without you really noticing properly.

I took my first mirtazapine tablet last night before bed; I slept all through the night from 10 o'clock but I was already extremely tired anyway due to little sleep the night before. I woke up this morning at 9 still feeling very tired (but I always struggle to get up in the mornings anyway), and throughout today I've felt quite irritable and emotional, and my mouth has tasted rather dry (which I know to be a side effect). Could the tablets be working? I'm concerned I'm just imagining differences in myself that aren't there and which are probably totally normal anyway i.e. it could just be that I'm experiencing the placebo effect.

Would I know when the tablets are starting to kick in? Also, does the occurrence of side effects guarantee that the medication will eventually combat the anxiety too?

Thanks in advance!