... daily, this has been a few months now. My doctor had also prescribed Buspirone HCL 15 mg and as of early November I'm now taking that twice daily. I still feel I'm struggling with depression and anxiety and not sure if these higher doses are actually helping or if I should ask for higher doses to see if that would make a difference? I'm a bit intimidated because my psychiatrist seems very conservative in upping the doses and prior to the sertraline change to 150 mg she said she wasn't sure what to do next if that didn't help me. I'm wondering if the 2 meds I'm taking are considered "higher than the norm"? In speaking with my therapist several months ago I had said I wasn't sure that the meds in these doses were going to be upped by the doctor. She did encourage me to ask the doctor but that in her opinion this dr tends to be very conservative in what she prescribes and I may need to ask to switch to another psychiatrist in the practice. I guess in scared the dr will think I need inpatient care if I cannot make due with my current med doses. Are these two meds at these doses considered really high? I had a similar bad experience when I was seeing a new family doctor and asked her to prescribe an alternative to Cymbalta. She said she had lots of options to find a new med for me, as that one was no longer working. In the end she had me try just two different meds at the lowest dose, and I slowly was able to increase the dose over multiple weeks at a time but neither had a positive affect for me. At that point she told me I'd need to find a psychiatrist because "she couldn't help me". It made me feel awful and like I was some kind of freak. Thank you