Hello, so I have over the past 2 years have been hit with anxiety HARD which led to depression for quite sometime, I am a highly functional anxiety person! I’ve gotten past the panic attacks, nervous shakes and totally feeling like my skin was crawling for months. Been in and out of drs ( legit thought I was dieing ) over time I finally went on a med which is sertraline although I feel a little less anxious on it I am obsessed with the thought of anxiety and having panic attack’s even if I’m not having them! I suffer from the physical symptoms like tight throat and delayed breathing and I honestly believe I bring this on myself because of the constant thought of anxiety and what has happened to me. It was extremely traumatizing for me, this seems to be the last hurdle for me to finally feel free and myself again! What do I do should I up my sertraline I’m only taking 25 mg ! Please tell me this is normal and just apart of the recovery stage ! Thanks Tiff