Hi I am 39, female, I started taking Sertraline on Sunday, 50 mg. I was having high anxiety, dry mouth, restlessness, loss of appetite, loose stools. Then Monday I felt a little better (side effects lessening as the day went on, bad the first 6-8 hours after taking then better through the night). But then Monday night I woke up in the middle of the night and had a full blown panic attack which is not at all normal for me. I called my doctor and he said to cut it in half and take 25 mg the next 4 days to see how I feel. So yesterday I took my 1st dose of 25mg. Still some of the side effects, not so bad, but had a weird vision problem 2 hours after taking it. It only lasted 20 minutes. But I woke up today really anxious, sweaty palms, slightly high blood pressure (117/83) (last night it was higher, 125/93) which I know anxiety raises bp but I'm just so anxious I'm wondering how long this will last. The side effects are terrible to deal with. I'm really hoping it's worth going through this.