I was in a car accident over 2 months ago and sustained a "minor"?concussion. Shortly after that I started having severe panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive thinking, and depression. My PCP put me on Lexapro, and I was on that for 5 weeks but that did not help the obsessive thoughts or anxiety. So she suggested I see a psychiatrist.

I found one and he prescribed me on 25mg of Sertraline for 2 weeks, 50 mg for 3 days, then 100 mg. I have been on 100 mg for close to 2 weeks now and on the drug for close to a month on a varying level. I have had little to no relief. I take 50mg of Klonopin in the morning just to fake it through the day. When I am home, I am usually in tears, begging for the thoughts to end, and just depressed.

I am in talk therapy (2x week) and that helps. I also do guided meditation every morning, to calm the tears. I was a heavy drinker for 5 years before the accident (not classified as an alcoholic) and bulimic also. I used those ways to get through a divorce rather than being smart and starting therapy. The accident stopped both of those bad habits in their tracks.

I have a pins and needles sensation in my lower arms all day. I also have headaches and neck aches and blocked ears. But I don't know if that is side effects of the drugs or just the anxiety telling me there is something wrong with me.

The Klonopin barely helps anymore.. and certainly NOT with the obsessive thoughts. I fully believe that I damaged my brain with all of my drinking, and the the concussion fully finished it off. And that there are not drugs that will make me better and that this is the rest of my life.

Any thoughts, advice, support? Should I stick it out? I am half tempted to just throw out all of the pills and see what my body can handle. I have been to so many doctors that don't care about the big picture of me. Everyone tells me that I"ll get better, but I feel like I am getting worse