Hello my name is Sarah,
My doctor has diagnosed me with depression and anxiety, my doctor prescribed me Sertraline 100 MG, it is my third day today taking Sertraline. My doctor said to take 50 MG the first week and then start on 100 MG the following week. My concern is that I have never taken any medication besides Tylenol for headaches. I am afraid this medication will make me worse. I always get really bad anxiety from school the most, as I am a pre pharmacy major. I have a major exam next Friday and another major exam the following week. I was wondering would Sertraline help me in school? I believe my anxiety is affecting my schoolwork but I don’t know if I am right. Usually a week before a exam I get really bad anxiety, don’t do as well, fear I will fail, get this really horrible feeling in my stomach, and my heart races like crazy. I also have an issue with concentrating and my doctor told me first he would prescribe me with Sertraline and to see a therapist. I did both but I’m afraid taking Sertraline won’t help me with school, I can’t afford to get bad grades and am afraid of failing. Also my doctor said Sertraline will help me concentrate in school better, is that true? So will Sertraline help me in school by any chase?
Thank you, Sarah