I started taking Prozac in December 2013 for anxiety as I had not been at school for a couple of years and I started taking 40mg instead of 20mg after about 4-5 weeks as I didn't feel any different and then after that I made great progress. I was doing stuff I hadn't done in a long time and I was getting my life back and then in August 2014 I was ill from food poisoning which made me sick (have a massive fear of being sick). After that I got worse as time went on but then it stopped and I was just having ups and downs. It was okay at the time, I was dealing with things and everything but it wasn't the same as before. Then in December 2014 something happened, I don't know what but I just got a lot worse to the point where I struggled to cope with day to day life. So I went to my doctor at camhs (I'm 17) and spoke to her and she said I could rather up the dose to 60mg or start a different medication, I thought Prozac had stopped working so I chose a different one which was Sertraline. (This is February 2014) so after slowly coming off Prozac I began to take my new meds and its been about 4 weeks now nearly 5 and I haven't felt any different if not worse. I don't know whether the meds are making me worse or just my mind thinking that. So yeah I've come here to seek guidance and to ask: should I of stayed on Prozac and gone to 60mg or swapped meds to Sertraline?

I'm 18 in two weeks and I'm really stressed out because I have no life and no education and no friends. I'm scared that I'm going to be 18 and not be able to enjoy it like everyone else. I'm scared I'll miss out on education that's currently free. I'm scared of living. I'm scared of dying. So if anyone can help me then I would surely appreciate it.