I started sertraline 4days ago for stress/anxiety. I had my 4th dose last night of 50mg. I am having the worst sleep ever. Im so tired cos of the lack of sleep but after i take it at night my mind is racing although not thinking about anything, im fidgeting, wake up during the night and cant get back to sleep, and keep clenching my jaw, my pupils also look really dilated i basically feel like im on something!!

I dont know if this is normal?im off work for 12 days so thats not too bad but if i still feel like this theres no way i can go in work.my stress is because of my job so i only feel stressd at work really so im not sure if i want to take anything at all now!! I can stress a bit at home but only usual stuff like nagging my partner for not doing stuff!

It all started as i nearly fainted at work i feel more stressed there lately and i was sent home.3days later i had a panic attack which ive never had before. i went to my drs and he said its due to stress cos of work-im a childrens nurse on an extremely busy ward!so now im on this med and want to stop as i cant stand this. During the day i feel fine and giddy at times except today i just feel weird!fidgety and restless! I didnt know if to take it in the morning instead but i wouldnt want to feel like that in a morning especially when back at work!! I look off my head! Any advice. Do you think i need to be on meds for this stress as it isnt taking over my life like others!Im going back to my GP anyway as i dont really want to take meds im not depressed just stressed and sometimes anxious.i only went cos this panic attack really scared me! Sorry its long.thanks in advance