My mum is (according to her GP) alcohol dependent - she can drink anywhere from 1-3 bottles of wine per night, down from 4-5 several years ago. She was diagnosed with anxiety about 15 years ago and since then has been taking increasing doses of sertraline (Zoloft) and is currently at 150mg. However, despite every increasing dose she has never showed any improvement and her anxiety seems to be worsening. She is now practically unable to leave the house other than to walk to the off licence, is too scared to drive at night, and refuses to meet new people. She takes several naps per day and often has terrible headaches.

I have been trying to convince her that her heavy drinking mixed with the sertraline is not only worsening the anxiety but also causing other side effects, as so far on the internet I have found that light to moderate drinking can cause side effects. However, I can't find anything about the level of heavy drinking she has, and what this may cause when mixed with the drug.

Personally I think she should try to give up the drinking, to allow the sertraline to take effect. Am I right in thinking that this is the cause? Any advice or explanations would be really appreciated.