I started Sertraline 25 mg for anxiety and depression. I was on 25 mg for three weeks and immediately had increased anxiety so bad at work I’ll start panicking and can’t even talk to my coworkers I’ll get so scared and nervous to even speak to them I feel like I can’t breath all day and my whole body is extremely tense my mind is super hyper vigilant and I’m just super anxious . After three weeks I went up to 50mg and I feel so much happier and motivated to do things I’ll find myself singing and dancing again but my anxiety is still so bad . Every second throughout the day I’m so anxious I’m so afraid to go to class or even to the grocery store I freaked out so bad and ran out crying . My anxiety has got so much more worse and I’m constantly trying to catch my breath. I’m now 3 weeks on the 50mg and have no improvement with the anxiety:( idk if I should up it, or just call it quits . I’m so scared to feel depressed again but my anxiety is so unbearable and debilitating. Any thoughts ???