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Is sertraline 50 my and trazodone 25 a safe combo to take?

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Rathmullan 24 Oct 2018


Yes. 50 mg is considered a starting therapeutic dosage for sertraline. While 25 mg of Trazodone is not considered a therapeutic dosage for depression but is usually prescribed in that amount (or more) as a sleep aid. You would have to take a lot more of both to be at risk of Serotonin Syndrome.

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Rnazarkewich01 25 Oct 2018

Seratonin syndrome is relatively rare I probably wouldn't be concerned about it at such low doses of the SSRI/Tricyclic antidepressant combo your physician has you on now. There is still room for increase should your symptoms require it. Keep in mind,these medications take 2-3 weeks before you may start feeling better... if you aren't feeling better by then, address an adjustment with your Dr. Feel better.We care about your health!♥️

Bugsy 57 7 Nov 2018

Thank you for answering!!

Bugsy 57 29 Nov 2018

Thank you

Rnazarkewich01 25 Oct 2018

Yes, but I would suggest taking the trazodone at bedtime because drowsiness is a very common side effect. free discount card

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