I’ve always suffered from headaches, particularly when stressed

I started on Sertraline when i was 18, weened myself off in 2008
I went through a depression spell where I felt suicidle n made an attempt. I didn’t want to go back on meds again, but my doctor at the time said ‘you need to go back on them otherwise I can’t help you’
I burst into tears thinking ‘fine, I’ll take them for the rest of my life, then’

Anyway, went on them, and still wanting my life to end I pushed up my own dose. The doctors told me no more than 200mg.

Because my depression was still really bad i thereafter stuck at 200mg on advice from the doctor. She also gave me an extra anti depressant because it was still very bad. Trazodone.

Before I’d started retaking them btw, i was suffering headaches, I’d had food poisoning so i was always feeling sick, tired, stressed so had irritable bowl syndrome, trouble sleeping etc.

Back on them my physical symptoms didn’t change, but my lows weren’t so bad n I don’t feel suicidle anymore.

It’s 2018, and I’ve had support from my doctors about my headaches, n found a huge relief that they’re migraines and so I have medication specifically for it.

Anyway these days, my parents are urging me to reduce my sertraline dose... my Dad saying i sound like an alcoholic giving excuses, and my Mum convinced my headaches are caused by my high sertraline dosage.

They suggested it with my professional (not sure of her title, psychologist? I think?) n she said sertraline causes headaches. I’ve not agreed to reduce my dose coz my headaches aren’t any different to how they’ve always been, but my ‘psychologist’ has already put on my letter that I’ve reduced my intake... she’s made other assumptions in the past.

But I could do with talking to someone ‘unbiased’ about pros, cons, likeliness and general info.

I’m from the UK btw, so our doctors info isn’t always reliable, and they often forget certain bits of training or protocol because they’re too busy.

My current knowledge of my headaches/list of excuses are:
- Knots in shoulder/neck
- air pressure
- eye strain (usually when stressed)
- feeling ill; i.e coughs, sore throat etc...
I think they’re the main ones