I've searched numerous websites for specific information regarding Serrapeptase all to no avail. I have even sought advice regarding the aformentioned from my General Practioner and Consultant Surgeon, unfortunately they have never heard of Serrapeptase.

After having surgery for a hysterectomy I developed a large incisional hernia and was unable to convince my surgeon of this for several months. Eventually this large incisional hernia was repaired using a Porcine Mesh (pig skin) and due to the delay there was some muscle damage. Furthermore, I have recently discovered that I have two Seromas. I've read from numerous websites that Serrapeptase can dissolve non living tissue etc. Due to the position of the Seromas being relatively close to the hernia repair, is it safe to take Serrapeptase? I don't wont the Serrapeptase to compromise the Porcine Mesh. I've tried to research this but to no avail and to make this contact is my last resort, my Consultant is unwilling to aspirate or extract the Seromas, therefore, any advice would be much appreciated regarding Serrapeptase.

Kind Regards