I stopped taking trazodone 2 days ago because of mild serotonin syndrome it was causing me. My doctor prescribed me a small dose of clonazepam to take at night (only .25 mg at night, and only enough for 6 doses because I have a low tolerance to medication and a history of alcohol abuse). While I feel fine when I take the clonazepam at night, during the day I still feel very anxious, my teeth are chattering, my hands shake slightly, and I have occasional muscle spasms. I am hesitant to ask for my doctor for more clonazepam because I do not want her to think that I am trying to abuse the drug given my history with alcohol. What are some natural remedies to help me calm down? Or, do you think that my symptoms are serious enough to call my doctor again?

Additional information: I am also on 50 mg sertraline for depression. Trazodone was prescribed to me as a sleep aid. When I last saw my doctor, I had normal blood pressure, temperature, and pulse.