I was prescribed with sertraline a couple of days ago to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I was also prescribed hydroxyzine to help some sleep when I was having some acute pain or trouble sleeping. I was also told I could take some ibuprofen periodically to help alleviate my headaches. The first evening I took the sertraline, hydroxyz, and ibuprofen all within a few hours of each other. After sleeping for a few hours I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. When I got up I felt dazed and groggy for a lot of the day. I took some more ibuprofen yesterday morning.I had some trouble focusing and had some strange bowel movements. I took another dose of sertraline late that afternoon. That evening I had a slight spike in blood pressure from what it was at the doctors office the day before. Later that evening it went back down to what it was at the doctors office. I could not sleep at all last night-2nd night (maybe a few minutes here or there). I experienced a lot of muscle twitching in legs, arms, and chest-I feel ok this morning (on a trip) but cannot sleep on the bus. I have not had a temperature.