So, I know asking and working with your doctor is the best thing to do. But, I don't have that option. I have been on numerous medications for a mental disorder. Seroquil xr being the longest (I've been on it almost 4 years). I no longer have medical insurance and can no longer see my doctor. I mentioned to her before that I would no longer be able to see her since I wouldn't have insurance much longer. But, she insisted on keeping me on the Seroquil xr and wouldn't tell me how to ween off. Well, now I no longer have insurance and since I am unable to make an office visit, she said she can't tell me how to ween off. Nice huh? So my question is, does anyone know the best way to ween off safely? Have any of you done it safely and successfully? I know it's best to stay on medication, but with no job and no isurance, unfortunately, staying on it is not an option. And I would really like to avoid having withdrawls like with other medications. Thank you in advance. :)