... keeps me asleep throughout the night. Been taking that dosage for over 5 years in combination with my bp mood stabilizer.

I was prescribed 150 mg by my Phychiayrist's P/A. The Phychiatrst didn't even see me that day. I was told to start taking this medication immediately. I was neither depressed nor manic at the time. The P/A assumed I was "Manicy." That information came from an ex-friend. I know that for a fact because her car was in the parking lot when I arrived for my appointed. Also the ex-friend had also used that term "Manicy" when trying to show concern for my behavior. Not sure why a professional would even use that term. It was a dead give away. I was diagnosed with BP in 1998 and have never heard that term. The correct way to say that would be something like: the beginning of a "Manic Episode. Shouldn't I have slowly incremented from .25 to 150 m.g.? I had several of the side effects. I can't find any info on the Internet regarding this. Should I file a complaint on this Phyiatrist ?