I have both insomnia and I sleepwalk (since I was 9 years old). I have been on Restoril, Sonata, Belsomra, Ambien-the fast acting and slow acting, Lunesta... The list goes on and on. The medicines will work sometimes for a week, a month or as short as three nights, but my brain always finds a way around them. I looked up medications through the mayo clinic's web site and they had things on there like Haldol and Xanax. Two of my kids have bipolar so I know Haldol is used for that. A friend told me about Seroquel XR since she has insomnia. The only problem is, will it be able to stop my sleep walking. I went to see a sleep doctor and neurologist about it and they put me on the only medicine designed for sleepwalking. They kept upping the dose to no avail. They said since I have been sleep walking since I was 9, I'm now 47, it's so ingrained in my brain that they doubt there is any medicine that's going to completely stop it. Please HELP! I just want R.E.M. sleep. If I ask my psychiatrist about this medicine is he going to laugh at me? Since I read it is primarily used for bipolar and schizophrenia.