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Seroquel XR - What Exactly Is The Benefits Of Seroquel Or Seroquel ER For Insomnia?

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Inactive 26 Jun 2014

Hello Wilma Scott. Either one has a side effect component that sedates. Seroquel is prescribed for depression. Regards pledge

WildcatVet 26 Jun 2014

Hi, wilma! My personal experience is that the regular formulation puts me to sleep fast, I sleep through the night, and I wake up clear-headed. I had trouble getting to sleep at all on XR and I was pretty foggy in the morning.
I'm glad that it helps with sleeping too, but it is a medication prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Best wishes, WCV

leawells 27 Jun 2014

I have taken the Seroquel, now on the XR (prescribed 100mg), I have no quality of life because of this medication, the side effects are unimaginable. I have chronic insomnia, RH, and Fibromyalgia. Why any doctor would prescribe this medication for Insomnia is beyond me. This is an evil drug (in my case) and I have lost all faith in the medical practice for putting me on and off so many medications and none will take responsibility to help me off. I am tapering off best I can (on 75mg) my original prescription was 300mg (slept for days) my side effects as I taper off are the same if not worse. I encourage you to seek other medications for insomnia, and not by a psych-doctor. They will only continue to prescribe psychotropic meds. as this is their specialty.

WildcatVet 28 Jun 2014

Exactly!! Seroquel is a potent antipsychotic and should not be used as a *sleeping pill*. A GP can prescribe medications like Lunesta or Ambien that are meant solely for sleep. They have their side effects too, but yes, obviously psychiatrists prescribe psychotropic drugs. You don't go to a cardiologist for a broken leg.
I'm sorry you had such a terrible time and I hope it resolves soon.

mapyron 28 Jun 2014

I agree Wildcat !! Seroquel is a potent antipsychotic. I had to take it a while for a serious mental illness. However, all those drugs do have LONG-TERM effects on your body and 100 mg --for insomnia--- no wonder you don't have a good quality of life... free discount card

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