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Seroquel - does serouel work right away?

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Marvell 17 Apr 2012

You should see some benefit of Seroquel in a couple of days ... say after 3 to 4 days.

Inactive 17 Apr 2012

Hello dodgersx82. The side effects of the drug will be felt shortly after beginning Seroquel. These usually ease up and disappear the longer you remain on it. As to the actual drug itself it will take up to and including four weeks time before it works to its theraputic value. Regards, pledge

judipe 29 Apr 2012

Just two days ago I was perscribed Seroquel, to help me sleep, and after I read all the information on it , I couln't find anything about sleep I read it is for an antipsychotic used to treat schizophreia or bipolor disorder. I'm suppose to take 1/2 for 2 days at bed time then go to 1 at bed time, I also take ambien 1 at bed time, as well as other meds, so now I'm confused what is it really for.The Dr. said it should help me sleep, So, I'm this is probably more a comment and question, I thought if its used for a sleep aide you would think it would help the frist day you take it. If it did take a month to help I don't think between my rsd becoming out of control not being able to sleep a person can only take so much before you snap, I'm pretty close to that, even if I could sleep.
Sorry I couldn't answer your question, if you do get anymore info on it let me know. And I'll do the same. sorry again.
God bless you,
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