After a small break down I have a very small dose of serequol so tiny I halve a 25mg tablet this has been every second day. I also take tramadol and last night I had huge heart palpitations and dizzy, increase anxiety almost panic attack. I've been to hospital recently and was put on ad mirtazipine! I felt I was getting better but also had a little hiccup upping mirtazipine to 22.5mg so went back to 15mg. This has all been 3 weeks but I've been on tramadol Sr 100mg for years! I am finding the Serequol even at a small dose is interacting.
I'm also on 30mg oxazepam prn for way to long and have never had issues besides tolerance that I'm working on! I am so upset

I feel so dis heartened I'd not had a panic attack for 3 weeks.