hi i am 32 and have not taken meds 4 3 yrs. Although i suffer from depression, since the age of 21 i was put on ssris. I have taken all of these where it worked but put my mood through the roof!!! ive just been diagnosed with bipolar 1 where i knew i was bipolar anyway but due 2 the ssris i began self medicating with alchohol.. i am now a recovering alcoholic i have been abstinent for almost 2 yrs. During this period this is where i was on no meds at all and have only now been diagnosed with bipolar and have been prescribed seroquel 50 - 150mgs a night. I am very frightened of the effects of this due 2 undergone cbt and come off the ssris with the most horrible side effects. I know i should take my meds but theres something stopping me from the side and withdrawel i had before with anti-depressants!!! can anybody give me some advice?