I've been taking 100mg every night since middle January. By middle March I noticed it wasn't working as well. I would begin to wake up during the night a few times such as before starting it. My mood was still rather good. Then I noticed I became more agitated over dumb little things. I'd have periods again where I would become depressed and feeling crappy. By the end of March it has nearly stopped working completely. Instead of taking about ten minutes to kick in, it never does. I'll sleep so little it's like I didn't at all. In the last week I've been so terribly depressed I can't even handle talking. For the past two days I've been taking 300mg at night. It has again, knocked me out like when I first started, but now I'm like... stoned 24/7. Even though it's only been two days my mood has improved with depression anyway. I'm not so bad, but not exactly good. I suspect it will continue to better. Has this happened to any of you? A last note my anxiety that had accompanied my depression has returned.