I was recently diagnosed as bipolar type one and my psychiatrist put me on seroquel and lamictal(generic brands). It says to take at bedtime and shortly after I take them I get really groggy then fall asleep. The problem is that I then sleep all day and have a really hard time waking up, and once I do I’m out of it for the next hour or so. I know that it’s common and will go away over time as my body gets used to it, but how long should it take before that happens? Im on the lowest dosage of lamictal and am due to change to a higher dosage soon and am on the lowest dosage of seroquel and I cut the pill in half because my dosage is half a tablet to a full one. I’m also on Wellbutrin xl 300 mg. I am out of work right now on short term disability while we figure out my medications but I’m afraid I won’t be able to work if this doesn’t go away. I also have passed on seeing my daughter when I have visitation because I don’t feel like I can care for her like this. I just want to have my life back and not always be in a drugged induced coma/stupor.