I have Rapid Cycling Mixed State Bipolar II. Right now I'm taking 200 mg Lamictal, 4 mg Klonopin and 200 mg Seroquel every day. I also take 5 mg Xanax (as needed). I was taking 200 mg Lithium, but I stopped (with my Doctor's knowledge) because of fears about compromising my liver function.

I thought Seroquel was a miracle drug because it cured my life-long chronic insomnia. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing some of the noted side effects -- difficulty swallowing, constipation and weight gain. My biggest complaint is that I'm too depressed to get out of bed, I cry a lot and I feel hopeless. I stopped taking anti-depressants (Zoloft and Wellbutrin) years ago because they made me hyper and more depressed. Is Seroquel an anti-depressant?

I can go back to my Doctor, but I'm looking for how other people feel when taking Seroquel.

I've tried Latuda, but quickly gave it up because of the exorbitant price.