Hi yall, I'm currently taking 160 mg, of geodon. I will be coming off it soon because of feeling like a zombie. I want to try seroquel, I know it helps with sleep. By the way i suffer from chronic sleepeness, i'm talking about just 3 hours a sleep in the mornong. By that time pratically everone is waking up. I've tried ambien, doesn't work, trazodone, doesn't work. I heard that seroquel make some people gain weight. I can deal with that. I also have panic attacks, occasionally. I heard that the seroquel helps with anxiety, is this true, for anyone who have tried seroquel. looking for any advice I heard it cuts, or i you suffer from it aniety, in half, by the time you wake up in the morning.Also let me know has anyone experienced, acting like a zombie on seroquel..By the way i know it is a a-typical antipsychotic.