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How to come off seroquel?

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pamee 23 Jul 2014

I advise you not to do this on your own, but do advise you to get on a taper plan with your Dr. Once you do follow his/her instructions it will be easier plus the Dr needs to give you lower milligrams needed for reduction. However, if you do try it on your own I suggest you start with a 10% reduction, reduce again in 14-days and repeat at the 10% reduction two additional times. If successful, you can try a further increase of reduction, but that is not advised. If withdrawal side effects begin, go back to the last dosage you were doing fine with and for the next reduction, reduce at a more gradual rate. If you continue to experience uncomfortable withdrawal try a 5% reduction.

Inactive 23 Jul 2014

Since you're asking, I have to assume you didn't talk with your doctor or he doesn't want you off it and didn't give you a taper plan. Pamee gave you an excellent suggestion, but it also depends on your dosage, how long you've been taking it, your symptoms, and your body mass. I know several people in my group who withdrew on their own ~ one had no problems, 2 had terrible problems, and one had a rebound psychotic break. free discount card

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