So I messed up my back and couldn't rest because I had to work, and I was given Tramadol 50 mgs. The first night I took one. It didn't really help. Next day I went to work and my back did actually feel better all day, so I took another Tramadol, then, six hours later, like it says on the bottle, I took another. The next morning I woke up and vomited multiple times, was shaking, heartbeat shallow and quick, couldn't keep myself awake but was having nightmares, slipping in and out of consciousness. I slept all day. That night I stopped vomiting, but ever since then my stomach has been bothering me and I have a weird taste in my mouth. I haven't taken another once since (for obvious reasons).

It's been over 48 hours since my vomiting episode and I can't stop burping. My stomach is a little upset still and I have that weird metal/acid taste in my mouth. Could this be from the Tramadol still? Super concerned.