or who are in the the Medical field and know about this disorder. My First husband is dying of liver cancer. Before that he had a few strokes. He was just diagnosed with a disorder called Factor 5 Clotting Disorder. Unfortunately he only has a few days to a few months to live. The problem that I have is that we have a 27 year old son together and our son needs to be tested for this disorder because it is hereditary! My ex has a daughter who was tested and she is ok, and he has another son who's results haven't come back yet so we are waiting for them.
The problem that we are having is that our son doesn't have have health insurance, but me and my husband, (his step-dad ) are willing to pay for the testing, we just can't get any answers on how much the test cost, and weather or not there are services that may be able to help us get him tested and reduce the cost!! My husband and I made a promise to my ex- husband that we would make sure that our son is tested and if he is positive for the Factor 5 Clotting disorder, we will get him treated !!! So I am asking anyone out there that if you know about this disorder or can tell me anything that I can do to get my son tested ... PLEASE CONTACT ME HERE!! I will really appreciate it~!~! Thank you~!!