... knows this, I’ve been on Vyvane for 2 months. And yes i know I can be annoying posting a lot. But this question is serious. I went on a up dose 3 days ago to 70mg. I was on 60mg for a month. I felt great, everything was good but I think I got greedy. I wanted to have me patience in reading 3 sentences and about once a week, I felt that anxiety around people. So I asked for a dose change so I could be at the maximum and maybe that could fix all these doctor visits since I felt great but I needed t fix 2 more things. Only 10mg difference is affecting me strongly. Its lasting 5 hours and then the last hour I feel cold, like a caffeine over dose. And I am repeating myself and texting people, basically being annoying. I told my doctor I can handle this until I get my new prescription in 3 days for 60 mg. but should I keep taking it? I don’t want to mess up my body, I know the higher the dose the more effects, so maybe that’s why I feel that cold feeling, but I know its too much if I am repeating myself, like I will say something then say agin a few minutes later when I was on the phone with her . I’m also having a crashing at 5 hours where 60mg I didn’t feel any effect and I felt fine all day . My doctor said maybe we should try another medication when you come in 2 weeks from now. I don’t want to go off it because Vyvanse has helped me with a lot. I’m not sleeping 14 hours a day, eye contact and remembering lectures better, it seems a stimulant helps me perform very good but not with reading, and of course my body gets immune in like 3 weeks then I get aniety around peole. I am afraid changing the medication will make me spiral down . It seems I need a stimulant to act normal, at 60mg, I start to see it wear off a little bit like the anxiety around people once a week after 2 weeks on 60 mg , and this is what happens going to 70. Over drive and repeating myself. So am I having an over dose or just a high dose right now? I looked online and it says over dose is high blood pressure, heart problems, confusion, breathing hard etc. I just seem to be going in confusion for a few sconds before I come out of it. Like I see blurr then great focus and I seem to repeat myself a lot.. My doctor thinks I am acting weird to. She says I keep repeating myself, and I called left 3 messages for her today before I spoke to her. So she wants me to do anther blood check since my readings are old when I come in too, and possibly might take me off this. I told her al this but will again when I see her, that 60mg on Vyvanse would be fine again and I can work with that, but then I think a month from now, it will lose its effects. Anybody know whats going on with me? And should I not take the 70mg for 3 days until my 60 comes in? if I wait one day then take one, I’m afraid that will be to much too since 3 days of this is doing this so not sure what to do. Why would I go into repeating myself? Are these sign of touretes syndrome or something? Its not bad, its more like, I say something, then a few minutes later I feel I have to say it again because I didn’t clarify it