I am scheduled to have major foot surgery in the next month. The surgeon will be performing several procedures during the surgery, including posterior tibial tendon repair, medial cuneiform osteotomy, posterior calcaneal osteotomy, anterior calcaneal osteotomy, flexor transfer, spring ligament repair, achilles lengthening, and ICBG. I am 60 years old, in top physical shape, and have quit smoking (for 6 months). I have been wearing aircasts on both feet for approx 1 year and a half, I have also had some physical therapy for bone spurs (about 3 years ago), and have about 4 different prescriptions for orthodics. At this time I am still able to climb stairs and ladders, stand on my tip toes, take short walks with minor pain and discomfort (although at times it can be extreme, especially when I first get out of bed and after sitting for long periods of time and then getting up to walk). I was told I needed to have this surgery within the next month or I was facing the possibility of fusion. My question is what is fusion? What am I facing if I do not do this aggressive surgery? And finally, would I be able to have a less aggressive type of surgery with the same benefits?
I am looking for feedback. I live in NY and have been to see 3 different surgeons. I am looking for a consultation at this time.